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The agency of record for the culture.



At the pulse of cultural moments, shifts and trends we have a record of leaving an undeniable global mark.






MVD Inc is innovative boutique creative agency delivering 15+ years of brand IP creation, immersive experiences and strategic positioning in various global markets. 


Positioned as a leader in cutting-edge brand strategy and execution MVD's influence is evident. With a reach spanning industries and a network rooted in trust, our connections speak for itself.  


With a reputational currency that is unmatched MVD Inc has culminated an impressive catalogue of creative works and brand partners since it's inception in 2002.





Meet Our Founders

Miatta Johnson

Miatta David Johnson

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Massah David

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Massah David is a cultural visionary, recognized for perfecting the art of trend forecasting and storytelling. As Co-founder and creative director of the award-winning agency, MVD Inc, Massah’s innovative campaigns have garnered her global recognition. Hailed for her ground-breaking work and collaboration with creative icons including Kanye West, Timbaland and others, Massah skillfully conceptualizes experiences that influence culture as a whole. Known for bringing her instinctual talents rooted in vision, creativity and expertise, Massah formulates campaigns for prominent clients such as Universal Pictures, Netflix, Essence Magazine and Samsung. Successfully leading MVD’s trendsetting ideation did not go unnoticed as Ms. David has been honored by Billboard Women In Music, Okay Africa Power 100 Women and BizBash 500. As a proud Liberian American, Massah’s commitment to civic and social engagement is felt and seen in her dedication to service-driven work with Teach For America, Color Of Change, The Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network, Elect Justice and as a co-founder of Dope Africans. She dances at the line of cutting edge and making the impossible possible, which is reflected in her transformative work. Massah resides in Los Angeles, California.

Miatta Johnson, an entertainment strategist, is the founder of the renowned creative agency, MVD  Inc. Johnson’s work and contributions to popular culture have earned her the title of “the culture shifting architect”. Well known for developing campaigns and innovative experiential marketing  initiatives that have inspired songs, global viral movements, and that redefine how record labels  approach new music and global marketing. A first-generation Liberian immigrant, Johnson has built a leading minority-owned and women-led  agency with an impressive roster of the entertainment industry and tech greats including;  Universal Pictures, Netflix, Kanye West, and Essence Magazine. It’s not surprising that Miatta  has been honored by Billboard Women In Music, Okay 100 Women, and Biz Bash Top 500 for  the past three years. She is also co-founder of Dope Africans. When asked how she does it all,  she replies, “It’s in my DNA”. 

Miatta is a founding board member of The Women In Entertainment Empowerment Network, a  proud graduate of NYU, a devoted wife and social justice activist. She resides in Los Angeles,  California.

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